Saturday, October 21, 2006

Al Yeganeh, The Soup man

funny soup man
Did you watched The Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld, TV show? Thom Barry was the souper, man who owns the unusual soup place. Costumers must stay in line, without making any sounds except order a soup when it's their turn. If the say something in line, or make some unwanted move, The soup man says: "No soup for you! Get out of my place!"

Well, Jerry Seinfeld came to idea by real place - Soup Kitchen International and "Original Soup Man", Iranian Al Yeganeh. Al Yeganeh founded the company in 1984 in New York City . Now, he have restaurants all over the USA. And he have some rules, like "the soup man" in Seinfeld.

Rules for costumers are:
- The line must be kept moving!
- Pick the soup you want
- Have your money ready
- Move to the extreme left after ordering

He have rules for press, too:
- No tabloids
- No "N" word
- No personal questions
- No follow up questions
- Only some of the questions emailed may be answered
- Method and timing of interviews by Al's discretion.

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