Thursday, January 11, 2007

Flora - The oldest porn star in the world

Flora the oldest porn star

Flora, bubbly, tiny, maybe 5 feet tall, woman in her 83 years is the oldest porn star in the world. Before she get into adult movies business, Flora was a dancer, she produces movies (B production - "Mother of the Vampire", "Criminally Insane II", "Cemetery Sisters", ...), and she has been married seven times. She lives with her niece in Las Vegas suburbs, goes to nightclubs, drives car like a race driver, ... Now, she is a porn star. Flora says she loves sex. And she loves man. Young man, especially. The last partner in movie was 26 years old. And Flora is proud on that position.
Flora started with her new business only 6 months ago. Her 73 years old friend Jeanette, is a model. And her introduced Flora with adult movies produces. He offered her $700 for a scene in a series called "Century Sex". And Flora accepted. Since that she already made several porn movies. Now, she is writing script for a movie about her life.