Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wtf people all over the World

Rick Murray has spent over $4000 USD and 24 tattoo hours turning himself into a tattooed Zombie.
Rick zombie tatoo

This guy, Ru Anting of Henan province, creates art in an unusual way. Ru sucks water up his nose then squirts it out his tear ducts to write messages on paper. Ru discovered the ability when he was a boy, swimming in the river with his friends. After three years of training, he can now accurately shoot up to 10 ft from his eyes at will.
tears art

Gunter Voelker owns a German restaurant in Northern Iraq and was proud to recently present a German tradition: Oktoberfest! The festivities included traditional German food, music and beer. He was glad to share the event with Iraqi people, Turkish people, Kurdish people, Americans and Germans alike. Voelker hoped the three-day party helped to show Iraq as a holiday destination where beer can bring people together.
Oktoberfest in Iraq

Earl Henry of Lexington, Kentucky has been arrested 1,333 times and counting! None of his offenses are of violent nature; most are for public intoxication or trespassing. His first offence was in 1970 for carrying a concealed weapon, and he has spent more than 5,000 days in custody in his life. Not too bad when you realize that averages less than 5 days per offense.
wtf prison man

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