Monday, February 25, 2008

David Philippe Desrosiers

David Philippe Desrosiers, born in August 29, 1980, is a Québécois musician known as the bassist and backing vocalist for pop punk band Simple Plan. He grew up in Matane, Quebec, Canada.
Desrosiers joined the band Reset, after former lead singer, Pierre Bouvier, left the band. Desrosiers was involved with Reset for 6 months, although did not record any studio albums. He was subsequently recruited to join Simple Plan in 1999, which was originally a four-piece, with Bouvier playing bass thus relieving Bouvier so he could concentrate on singing. It is sometimes rumoured that the original four members of Simple Plan almost 'stalked' Desrosiers until he agreed to join their band. He has an older sister named Julie. His parents separated when David was 13, which deeply affected him. His mom (Charlotte) lives in Matane, Quebec, Canada. and his father lives in Québec City.
He has been known to briefly play the drums or guitar during shows for Simple Plan as well as for many of his favorite bands such as The Used, Good Charlotte and MxPx. Desrosiers has developed into almost a co-frontman as dialogue between him and lead singer Pierre Bouvier enlivens the show.
Has an older sister, Julie. His parents divorced when David was quite young. Has a girlfriend, which he mentions in the 'thank you' section for the new self-titled album 'Simple Plan'.
He is the only member of Simple Plan who didn't attend Collège Beaubois. His first job was as a fast-food worker in McDonalds in his hometown.
David and the rest of the band once starred their voices as themselves in the What's New Scooby Doo? episode 'Simple Plan And The Invisible Madman', in which he mistakes Scooby for a 'fearless guard dog', before being the second to be kidnapped by the Invisible Madman. David Desrosiers uses a Fender P-Bass. He once threw a mini-fridge out of a hotel window

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