Monday, June 04, 2007

Sasa Curcic

Sasa Curcic won Big Brother

Last night, the first Serbian VIP Big Brother finished. And the winner is - Sasa Curcic, former football midfielder.

About Sasa Curcic

Aleksandar "Sasa - Djani" Curcic (born February 14, 1972 in Belgrade, Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia) is a former football midfielder. Known for his eccentricity, Curcic played for OFK Beograd (1991-93), Partizan Belgrade (1993-95), Bolton Wanderers (1995-96), Aston Villa (1996-98), Crystal Palace (1998-99), MetroStars (1999), and Motherwell (2000). He also turned out 14 times for the national team of Yugoslavia, and scored one of the most memorable goals in the history of the Premier League whilst with Bolton. Curcic has been known to sport a shaved head and a fu manchu beard sans moustache. Upon his arrival to Major League Soccer in 1999, he declared his intention to become the "Dennis Rodman of MLS". Curcic's stint in the league, however, lasted only nine games. On 16 March 2000, Curcic joined Motherwell. He only made five appearances for the club, before joining Obilic Belgrade in his native Serbia. In an interview on Sky Sports in April 2001, Curcic stated that he had retired from football. On 5th May 2007, Curcic entered the Serbian Celebrity Big Brother house and 3th Jun he won in VIP Big Brother. He won 50.000 euros prize, and after leaving the house, while he was taking the check, he promised he will spend the money together with other VIP Big Brother housemates in next 12 hours.

I have to mention that in the last 29 days, Sasa Curcic wanted to leave the house twice and he barely decided to stay. Unofficial voting results for final was:
Saša: 158.270 votes
Maca: 28.650 votes
Danijel: 18.393 votes
Olja: 5.193 votes

Sasa Curcic soccer player

Sasa Curcic about Dennis Rodman, fights, prison, cops

I wasn't leader in fight where Dennis Rodman took part. It was very bloody. I was standing in one part of disco club with top-models Helen Kristensen and Eva Herzigova when some Americans started shouting to us. Little provocation, little drink, little freedom and there you go. It finished with scandal. In prison and newspapers.

I was in prison several times and lucky me - I can meditate. I have an klaustrofobia.

I can't stand US cops. Whole that things are money and business. I prefer European cops. There, they are ten times worse.

Curcic testimonial game

Sasa's former football club - Partizan, will organize testimonial game for him. Sasa Curcic would like to see Sten Kolimor, Albert Nađ, Dragan Ćirić, Lotar Mateus, Mario Stanić, Dragan Stojković Piksi and some other soccer players with him in that team.

Here's video with Sasa Curcic and Lombardo, Jansen, Shipperely and Marcus Bent rip Derby apart to give us our first home win of the 1997/98 season. Crystal Palace vs Derby County.

Article about Sasa in US magazine

Many suggested that Curcic was waived due to his love of the 'illegal drugs'.
Sasa Curcic. He of the bald head, spaghetti beard and Buddest tattoos, is no more. No longer will we see his graceful stride through the stadia of Major League Soccer. No longer will the passion of a swift judo kick to a fallen opponent's skull be featured in soccer highlights.

Oh Sasa how could you! We've heard the stories. We've heard the tales. There's so many of them that it's hard not to believe! They say you spent too much time out ravaging the New York nights, galavanting with lady friends and downing a pint or two... or three. We've heard stories that you failed piss tests. Oh Sasa, how could you?

Curcic with beard

And off you'll go, back to Europe where you'll forget about all us. All about MLS. But MLS will never forget you. How could it? How could WE?

What were you thinking? That night when you smoked your doob? That afternoon when you bought your crack? That evening when you poked that prostitute? Did you think about us, your fans? Did you think how it would affect us to see you leave? For you knew it would come to that when you got caught. If you got caught. Did you think of it? Or did it not matter.

Maybe, Sasa, you couldn't help yourself. Maybe you just are what you are. Maybe no league can hope to hold you... to fully have you. You are a free spirit, and so goes your life. Never to settle, never to rot. Never to stay too long in one place. And if that is the case, if that is the way it must be, than happy are those who have been given the chance to see you once... twice... thrice... on the field of play.

Goodbye Sasa, and take care. The world seeks to conquer those like yourself. Don't let them. You must fly... fly... fly away on the wings of the freebird

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